Game InfoEdit

Level: The Final Hour

Date/Time: 13th October, 2999 13.13.13 am and counting

Place: Korr, Omega Threshold - Arctic Sanctum: Temple of Duality Citadel Monolith

Characters: Player, All Keros Warriors and Keros allies and all the allies and enemy leaders of the Keros Campaign Saga.

Division: Korr Fortitude Mekkas

Players: 1 to 13 players online or locally


  • Objective:
    • Survive the Final Hour.
    • Escort the kid to safety.
    • Eliminate hostiles at the Citadel Monolith.
    • Survive the Final Hour of the Invasion.
  • Characters:
    • Players 1-13 (online or locally)
    • All Keros Warriors and Keros allies
    • All allies and enemy leaders of the Keros Campaign Saga.
    • All enemy factions fight the Korr Fortitude Mekkas.
  • Weather: Clear - Snowing, Thunder Storm
  • Vehicles: All
  • Achievements
    • "The Way The World Ends" - Survive the final invasion.
  • Death Injections: Korr
  • Skulls: Unknown


  • Rookie - Pathetic...
  • Normal - Enemies die moderately, moderate opposition
  • Veteran - Enemies are tough to defeat, semi heavy opposition
  • Legendary - Enemies are really tough to defeat, heavy opposition
  • Ultra - Almost Invulnerable enemies, one punch... and the slightest error means instant death... again and again...


Keros Warriors and player meet with the kid. Xel - "The Final Hour... Hope Remains...". Keros Warriors move up to the Fortitude Defense Barrier and they meet with the other Keros allies and reach the Citadel Monolith. Killax - "Lets clean out this Citadel Monolith." They proceed inside and empty all 113 floors of the Citadel Monolith. They keep the kid inside, safely. They all get outside. They are confronted by the all the allies and enemies from the wars. Xeth Warlord - "Together... We can prevent this... Invasion! Burn the enemy! Give them no mercy! Together we unite and stand as one! WE WILL BURN AND GLASS THE ENEMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Killax and the Xeth Warlord knuckles each other. "Defend this Citadel Monolith. Protect the kid and... don't give the enemy any mercy...". Xel - "Hack and Slash..." Xeth Warlord - "Burn and Glass!". All the allies and enemies fight together and make an awesome team. They work together, allies and enemies and they fuse their moves together, to unleash some devastating firepower. The enemy legion starts off weak then they send lots of high ranking legion leaders and massive swarm of vehicles.


  • This level is represented as non-canoical because all the other 'allies' are dead from previous games, but it is explained why they came back so the story is concluded, entirely, for one final invasion.
  • This level takes 1 hour and 13 minutes to complete. It is full of gameplay and does not consist of any cutscenes.
  • This is deemed the hardest mission (even on Rookie) of any game, regardless the game type, around the world.