They were located in Japan, where they were scouting the place looking for the Ultranationalist Party they wield Plasma katanas and Plasma Incendiary Shurikens. Apparently, they were trained to fight against fellow ninjas.
Keros Shadow Ninja

Concept Art of the Shadow Ninja

Shadow Ninja

Shadow Ninja Image #2



  • Incendiary Shurikens
  • Smoke Grenades
  • Throwing Knives

Abilities Edit

Shadow Ninjas have various attacks. They are equipped with ninja swords, and Incendiary Shuriken. As a last resort, they will sacrifice themselves, aka Kamikaze.


  • Shuriken Throw - Throw shurikens. Doesn't do much damage but can interrupt you during attack.
  • Incendiary Shuriken throw - Long rage projectiles that explode. A few seconds after hitting their victim. They hurt you like a regular Shuriken when impaled, but the explosion takes much more damage, though it can be escaped by dodging it or going into a move that temporarily shields you from attacks in the right time.
  • Kamikaze (Suicide Bombing) - If they are charging at you or are about to die, they will grab you, shove you to the floor, and explode using their Incendiary shuriken.
  • Evading Skills - The Shadow Ninjas are mostly known for their insane evading skills. They are the smartest enemies in Keros: Chronicles.
  • Health - They have the most health of all human sized enemies, mainly due to their armor.