"Welcome to the SOST. Best handpicked group of Spec Ops soldiers on the planet."


They are a multinational special operations force composed of the best members of the American, Australian, British, Canadian, and possibly other armed forces, usually those with previous Spec-Ops experience! These guys were formed by the very root of the Task Force 141, and continue to this day to follow strict protocals and guidelines. They appear in this game in Spec Ops, Veteran/Legendary missions only. Mainly because they are tough and right for the missions that the player is going to be faced with! They use moves similar to the SWAT Team formations, and to them, it is an easy tactic against their enemies.

"We don't kill civilians, we use precision!"Edit

In every mission they must get the job done right, everytime! The tend to use precision when killing enemies, such as formations, stack ups, breaching, clearing, flashing, stunning, air strikes and boat raids. Sniping for them is a big pricision and commanders will not tolerate a miss!


Even though there are different kinds of weapons to deal with, they stick to using these relieable weapons:

  • M16A4 (Assault Rifle)
  • M4A1 (Assault Rifle)
  • MP5 (Sub machine gun)
  • G3 (Assault Rifle)
  • G36C (Sub machine gun)
  • M1014 (Shotgun)
  • 50 Cal armor piercing (Sniper Rifle)
  • M9 (Pistol)
  • M1911 (Pistol)


SWAT Front

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