The Plasma Predator Missile is an unlockable Killstreak reward as well as useable in campaign in Keros. Once unlocked, the player can remotely control one Plasma AGM-114 Hellfire (Air-to-Ground Missile) that is deployed via Predator UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) and attempt to guide it towards enemy players. The missile will explode upon impact.
Predator missile sceen

Plasma Predator Missile Screen


  • When taking out the laptop and getting it ready transmittion control will say, "Attention, Attention. Plasma Predator Missile is being launched, coordinates are (coordinates of where the Plasma Predator missile is coming from), standby for engagement!"
  • As soon as it is in camera transition the player is allowed to survey the area from the Predator Drone before firing, while this is happening, transmittion control will say, "You are clear to engae the hostiles and any target you see." or "Get those targets." or "We have enemies near (whatever place is the place with the most group of enemies)"
  • When surveying a vehicle transmittion control will say, "You are clear to engage the moving vehicle."
  • Transmittion control will also say while you are surveying
    • "Get those guys"
    • Take them out"
    • "Light them up"
    • Hit them hard"
  • Once you have bombarded the enemies or vehicles transmittion control will say
    • "Nice one!"
    • Great hit! Now eliminate the remaining hostiles!"


  • The Plasma Predator Missile is not actually called in until the camera switches to its perspective, so it can be canceled while taking out the laptop or just before the camera transitions.