Game InfoEdit

Classification: Assault and Rescue
Jez small US 2man down18054

SOST's healing Player 2, only with black camo on!

Level: Man Down!

Date/Time: Enter Date here, 1:07:32 pm and counting

Place: A place much like COD4's level "Charlie Dont Surf"

Playable Charater (player 1): SOST

Playable Charater (Player 2): Xel Vaxum

Division: Spec Opes Shock Trooper Squad

Players: 1 to 4 players online or locally


  • Objective
    • Get to your partner, before he is killed!
  • Characters
    • SOST (Player 1)
    • Xel Vaxum (Player 2)
    • SOST Squad
    • Rebel Militia
  • Weather: Clear
  • Vehicals: None
  • Achievements: None
  • Skulls: None


  • Hard - Enemies have an est opposition of Semi Heavy
  • Veteran - Enemies have an est opposition of Heavy


You start of in a city much like "Charlie Dont Surf" in Call of Duty 4. Player 1 starts off at the biginning of the level, while player 2
250px-Peshmurga Kurdish Militia

Enemy Rebel Militia, how they appear in the level

starts off in the middle of the level. Player 1 meets heavy opposition, of Rebel Militia forces. As for player 2, he is in "wounded position" much like in Modern Warfare 2. You must fight your way through to get to him, and heal him. If you go too slow, player 2's opposition gets heavier, and he will die, then its Mission Failed. If you die then it is Mission Failed as well. If you sprint and shoot your way through, his opposition will get lighter. Once you reach him, you can fight with him, or heal him and then continue the mission. You must then make your way to the extraction point, facing heavy opposition. Taking cover is a must on this part! Once you pass, and make your way to the extraction point, its Mission Complete!


  • You dont have to heal player 2 to fight off the Rebels in his area. But after a few minutes, he will die!