The scene takes place with a BBC news report on T.V. with opening credits being displayed The picture fits the whole screen instead of just showing the T.V. screen. It starts with a british woman talking about the fall of the Ultranationalists, and it shows that the Ultranationalist flags are being tooken down by the Russian Riot Control. Then she talks about a new rise in governmental control from the Al-Kadum and the taking over of the middle east, civilians are fighting for their lives as they cannot seem to find any hope for the threats they are about to under go. Once that is over, she talks about the new changes in science, the camera pans to where Fernando Hernandez and his science community is making a speech about changes in technology as well as science.

Fernando Hernandez says, "We are proud to introduce our new company as well as many different advancements...Biochem Inc. a company not only longing for control of other industries, but a company looking towards the future of success and security." The audience is thrilled and Fernando says, "And fellow Americans...I am proud to have Dr. John Stenson to talk to you all...about the changes in our society!" The audience then is thrilled and applauds. Dr. John Stenson comes and says, "We are thrilled to announce new technology and science coming in the future...but now!, we can finally agree that we will have a cure for cancer, as well as other diseases!" The audience then applauds and Dr. John Stenson says "Our scientists have studied that an elites blood can make it immune to diseases, or so I heard from rumors. But! It doesn't mean we can at least try?" The audience then talks to each other in a debate. Fernando Hernandez then says, "All we need to capture this thing. And then we can begin!" The audience then laughs and then applauds. The president then comes up and says, "My fellow Americans, we do need a cure, so we will let them capture whatever it is and hopefully they will find a cure." The audience then applauds and is excited. The camera then zooms in to Fernando Hernandez as he smiles and says to himself, "Soon we will be the leading industry to control this world." The scene then fades out.