The introduction scene is used to introduce the player to the primary antagonists, as well as the opening credits. It contains starts out with the following scene:

The scene takes place in Moscow, Russia where Vladimier Gorbachov is interviewed about how the war is going. A reporter asks "Well Gorbachov, how did you do it?" and he responds "It all takes place with a single destruction of their universe, we shall succeed more when we take over this one." He then turns he back and walks away from the scene raising his right hand up as a sign to give orders to his league, and two guys dressed in formal suits with assault vests take out their m240 machine guns and fire on the reporters and crowd. As soon as all is quiet Vladimier Gorbachov then replies, "A victor becomes victorious not by take over worlds, but by take over every last life that betray's him, As soon as they have realized that we have tooken over this universe, everyone shall scream their last."

Then the game goes to the opening credits showing Gorbachov getting on a plane with his men. Followed by other interactions such as news media, press releases, terrorism in other contries, the Ultranationalist Party delivering speeches, and much more.