The epilogue scene takes place right after the Final Battle (Level) Ending scene.

Scene Edit

It shows the ONI Spartans, Keros Demons, Andromeda Vadum, Michael Konar, Xel Vaxum, and Sangheili Marines all in a conference room having a meeting. Suddenly the Television screen turns on and Fernando Hernandez appears on the screen. Fernando says, "You! You killed my partner!" Xel then says, "What do you want!" and he replies, "What I want. I want all of you and the world to suffer. Once I finally introduce a new species, you and your team will suffer along with the rest of the world. Unlike Gorbachov, you may not be able to stop me, you will cease to exist, and all of your loved once will perish, you Xel, you were the worst of anyone, Well...all that is about to change once I turn this world into a gravemine." The screen then turns to static and bursts into flames. Xel says, "Well, that was odd." And a Sangheili Marine says while putting out the flames with a fire extinguisher, "It cant be too bad, once Major Josh Konaree recovers, we can talk about was going on next, right." Xel replies, "I have a feeling that this war isnt over." and Field Master Lex Norsan replies, "Its never over, not." and the Sangheili Marine interrupts him saying, "Not until we kill Fernando Hernandez, and any other enemies that stand in out way." Then some Sangheili Marines laugh and Andromeda says, "No need for slaughtering anyone! Not until we figure out what is going on in the rest of the world." A Sangheili Marine says, "We need a new T.V." then [sighs]. Michael Konar then says, "And the universe." Major Josh Konaree then comes into the conference room saying, "Did I interrupt something?" and the Sangheili Marines then cheer and support him. A Sangheili marine then says, "look who's back." Andromeda Vadum then says, "We were just discussing about what to do next." Major Josh then says, " dont know what to do next. Well, we start by searching other worlds and see if we can clear anything know...clean up any hot spots." Michael Konar replies, "Fine! The Sangheili Marines will clear out the world with the Ballistic "Shock Trooper" Marine Squad. The Elites and ONI Spartans will clear out the rest of the Universe." Andromeda Vadum then says, "Ok, but first we need to see if there is anything going on." And a Sangheili Marine says, "Battalions oscar mike, were moving out! Andromeda, give us a heads up if you see anything going on in the world." A Sangheili Marine tosses another Sangheili Marine a M4A1 plasma rifle, and he says, "Does this get any easier?" Then the scene fades out.