Multiplayer is similar to the previous two titles on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. However, multiplayer on the PC is quite different from previous games. The PC version no longer includes dedicated server support. While previous Call of Duty titles allowed multiplayer matches with up to 64 people and user-made maps and mods, Keros on PC is almost identical to console versions.

Gameplay Edit


See Keros Series: Gameplay

  • Blood will now cover the screen when the player is injured. This effect will eventually go away and it is still possible to see through the blood.
  • The HUD is now much more sleek and easy to read than on Halo 4 or Modern Warfare 3

Character Custumization Edit

Character Custumization is listed hereEdit

Vehicals (Used on and offline in local and splitscreen)Edit

90570561 nL4Yo-M-1

One of the aircraft in the multiplayer gameplay!

1. Light Transport - The only type of light transport is the Cav Buggy. It is armed with a grenade launcher, and a machine gun for a fourth soldier at the back. Also There is a dirtbike, in which the player can shoot from, and a quad, in which the driver and back passenger can shoot from.

2. Armored Transport/Car - These include the Humvee (US), Cover Truck (US), Vodnik (RUS) and Otokar Cobra (MEC) with a Heavy Chain Mini Gun (with a ballistics shield) and 2 to 3 extra positions in the rear for passengers.

3. IFVs/APCs - These include the M3A3 Bradley (US), BMD-3 (RUS), 2T Stalker (MEC), and Striker (US) all with rapid firing autocannons which can flatten enemy infantry and small buildings with ease. There is a machine gun position and room for 2 passengers.

4. Main Battle Tanks - The M2900 Abrams (US), T-90 (RUS), Scorpion Tank, and Black Eagle (MEC) are similar to IFVs/APCs, yet obvious interior and design exteriors are altered. They are the most powerful vehicles in the game due to their heavy armor, and large cannons. However, they are slightly slower than IFVs/APCs.

5. Attack Helicopters - Blackhawk (US), Little Bird (US), AH-64 Apache (US), Mi-28 (RUS), Mi-24, and KA-52 Alligator (MEC). Helicopters dominate the sky online and off in local and splitscreen, in order to immerse the player in dogfighting with others.

6. Halo Vehicals - Vehicals in the Halo Series


  • Choosing a civilian the player wont say anything, but he can customize his/her character when choosing this option!
  • You can also choose a team from the lobby

Beginning of Match (For both online, and offline, local and splitscreen gameplay)Edit

Each player will get to choose his team in the game lobby! Each team says a quote at the beginnning of a match, such as, "Team Deathmatch...Rangers lead the way!" (If you selected the team US Army Rangers)

  • US Army Rangers - "Rangers lead the way!"
  • ODST - "Move Out"
  • Sangheili Marines - "Let go, go, go!"
  • SOST - "Take em down..."
  • Al Kadhum - Take back whats ours!"
  • Ultranationalists - "Show no mercy, comrades!"
  • Ultranationalists - "Take no prisoners, comrades!"
  • Arkwolf Insurrectionists - "Take them down!"
  • Rebel Militia - "Take control, destroy everyone!"
  • Riot Control - "Secure the Area, GO GO GO!"
  • Security - "Secure the area."
  • Flood - None
  • Civilian - None

End of Match (This is for both online, and offline, splitscreen and local play!)Edit


  • US Army Rangers - "Good job rangers!"
  • US Army Rangers - "Well done rangers!"
  • US Army Rangers - "Keep up the good work, rangers!"
  • ODST - "Good job."
  • ODST - "Well done."
  • Sangheili Marines - "Excelent Work Marines!"
  • Sangheili Marines - "Good job, lets get another victory!"
  • SOST - "(Team) eliminated, keep it up."
  • SOST - "(Team) down, keep up the good work."
  • Al Kadhum - "Victory is ours!"

    "Rangers lead the way!"

  • Al Kadhum - "Victory!"
  • Ultranationalists - "Victory is ours, raise the new flag!"
  • Ultranationalists - "We won the battle, and soon, the war!"
  • Ultranationalists - "Soon, this world will be ours!"
  • Arkwolf Insurrectionists - "We won the battle!"
  • Rebel Militia - "Victory is ours!"
  • Riot Control - "Forces put down, everythings under control."
  • Riot Control - "Good job, returing to base!"
  • Security - "10-19, returning to base."
  • Security - "Situation under control."
  • Flood - None
  • Civilian - None


  • US Army Rangers - "Its a draw, stand down!"
  • ODST - "The match is a tie!
  • Sangheili Marines - "Stand down Marines, its a draw!"

    "Whoever quit, will suffer the most!"

  • SOST - "Spec Ops, returning to base, out!"
  • Al Kadhum - "Who ever quit, will suffer the most!"
  • Ultranationalists - "Its a draw my comrades."
  • Arkwolf Insurrectionists - "The games a draw, pft, oh well."
  • Rebel Militia - "Its a draw, damn!"
  • Riot Control - "Subjects G.O.A! We are 10-19."
  • Security - "Subjects G.O.A! We are 10-19."
  • Flood - None
  • Civilian - None


  • US Army Rangers - "Dont worry, we'll get them next time."
  • US Army Rangers - "Do better next time, okay."
  • US Army Rangers - "What the hell you doing? Stop messing around!" (Lose 3 times in a row)
  • ODST - "Try harder next time squad!"
  • ODST - "Were not out yet."
  • Sangheili Marines - "Try harder next time!"
  • Sangheili Marines - "We aint giving up yet."
  • SOST - "We'er down, but not out."
  • SOST - "We can do this, fight harder."
  • SOST - "These are special missions, we cant fail next time!"
  • Al Kadhum - "Your pethetic, dont lose again!"
  • Al Kadhum - "Your worthless if you cant win, try harder!"
  • Al Kadhum - "We ought to kill you! Fight harder next time!" (Lose 3 times in a row)

    "We have lost the battle, but not the war!"

  • Ultranationalists - "We may have lost the battle, but not the war!"
  • Ultranationalists - "Dont lose again, or else!"
  • Arkwolf Insurrectionists - "Damn, we lost!"
  • Rebel Militia - "We lost, dont let it happen again!"
  • Riot Control - "Requesting back-up, the enemy is to strong!"
  • Riot Control - "Shoot, we need to figure out a different approach."
  • Security - "Requesting back-up"
  • Security - "We back-up now!"
  • Flood - None
  • Civilian - None

Multiplayer Narrorator VoiceEdit

See example here

Curtis Jackson: Announcer for Keros game modes for multiplayer

"It took a while to find the voice actors!" - Keros Staff

Ranks Edit

  • As the player plays matches, they will gain XP. Once the player reaches a certain amount of XP, the player will level up. There are now a total of 100 levels in Keros!
  • There is also, 10 levels of prestege and it is optional for the player to prestege or not...and you can unlock 3 extra custom classes for you weapons and equippment.

Ranks are listed hereEdit

Playlists Edit

  • Mercenary Team Deathmatch
  • Objective Barebones Pro
  • Combat Training
  • Sabotage
  • Search and Destroy
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Team Deathmatch Express
  • Team Tactical - Small team games that play Team Deathmatch, Headquarters, Sabotage, and Search & Destroy in one game mode. Each team has 2 - 5 players and a headquarter. They then capture the objective, search for the enemy hq, and then destroy the hq. The first team to destroy the hq wins that round. (4 - 10 players, onliine and locally)
  • Barebones Pro
  • Capture the Flag
  • Demolition
  • Domination
  • Free-for-All
  • Cage Match
    Screenshot0176 450x300

    Gameplay for Keros Multiplayer

  • Mosh Pit
  • Headquarters
  • Ground War
  • Infected
  • VIP
  • Hardcore Groundwar
  • Hardcore Headquarters
  • Hardcore Mosh Pit
  • Hardcore Ricochet:HQ Pro
  • Hardcore Ricochet: S&D
  • Hardcore Team Deathmatch
  • Hardcore Team Tactical
  • Hardcore Infected
  • Hardcore VIP
  • 3rd Person Team Deathmatch
  • 3rd Person Team Tactical
  • 3rd Person Hardcore Team Deathmatch
  • 3rd Person Cage Match
  • Firefight - In Firefight, up to four players fight against waves of Covenant forces and try to survive as long as possible. Local and Online play.
  • Juggernaut - a team of 1 - 4 people have to kill the juggernaut . There should also for if you choose and elite, there should be and elite juggernaut as well...this is a pretty good idea! (Note: Human Juggernaut should wield a minigun, while the Sangheili Juggernauts should wield a Engergy Stave that can be really damaging and stronger than the Energy Hammer. The person that kills the juggernaut, gets to be the juggernaut for the next round. If a person dies, there is no respawnding...

Weapons Edit

Weapons are listed hereEdit

Equipment Edit

These make the game a bit more funner:

Attachment (Acog scope)

Type 1Edit

  • Frags
  • Semtex
  • Claymore
  • C4
  • Bouncing-Betty Mine
  • Flash grenade
  • Stun grenade
  • Smoke grenade
  • EMP grenade
  • Incendary grenade
  • Concussion grenade
  • Tear gas grenade
  • Chem-X gas grenade
  • Death Gas grenade (Canceled with "Beware of the 6!" Perk)
  • Plasma grenade

Type 2Edit

  • Tactical Insersion
  • Camera Spike
  • Laser trip wire
    Road flare sm blk

    flare in game (used to semi blind people)

  • Active Camoflauge
  • Bubble Shield
  • Power Drain
  • Gravity Lift
  • Regenerator
  • Overshield
  • Flare
  • Deployable Cover

Type 3Edit

  • Hunting Knife
  • Crossbow
  • Taser Dart Stun Gun
  • AN/PVS-5 Nightvision Goggles
  • AN/PVS-7B Night Vision Goggles
  • M40/42 Gas Mask (Gas Mask 1)
  • MCU-2/P Protective Mask (Gas Mask 2)
  • 3M 6000 Half Face Respirator (Gas Mask 3)
  • 3M 5103 Organic Vapor/Acid Gas Half-Face Respirator Mask (Gas mask 4) Also available in Character Customization as a face accessory
  • Chem-X Chemical Mine
  • Incindary Mine
  • Land Mine
  • Additional leg pistol holster
  • Sword holster
  • Tomahawk
  • Throwing knife

Weapons Attachments Edit

Players can equip a total of 3 attachments

  • Silencer (Human guns)
  • Carbine Silencer (Covenant guns)
  • ACOG scope (Choosing color is optional)
  • Laser sight
  • Red dot sight
  • Holographic sight
  • Shotgun attachment
  • Sling (Used for Assault Rifles and Snipers only)
  • Grenade launcher attachment (launches plamsa or regular grenades...optional)
  • Thermal Scope
  • Flamethrower
  • Duel Mags
  • Extended Mags
  • Inferred Scope
  • Reflex Scope
  • SUSAT Scope
  • Swarovski Scope
  • Flashlight
  • Upgrade Iron Sight
  • Rail-Mounted Angled Fore-Grip
  • Grip

Abilities/Perks Edit

Perks are listed hereEdit

Maps Edit

Original Keros:Chronicles Multiplayer Maps
Screenshot-Wine desktop-11

"No matter where the maps come from, its better to have 50 than 10!!!" - Keros Staff

More Multiplayer levels, modified versions of these levels:

Firefight levels, also modified:

Killstreaks Edit

  • Depending on the team that you chosen, the voice varies...Citizens dont say anything!
Kill Killstreak Reward Voice heard when activated Description

Enemies: Enemy UAV is online

Allies: Our UAV is online

Deploys a UAV to scan the map and reveal enemy locations. Can be shot down or hit with a Predator Missile.
2 Care Package

Enemies: Enemy is receiving a care package

Allies: Care package is on the way

Player must throw a red smoke grenade to mark the location of an air drop package containing a random killstreak or ammo. The package can kill players if it lands on them. Can be taken by anybody. It takes longer for anybody but the user to obtain the package, leaving them vulnerable.
2 Medical Package

Enemies: Enemy is receiving medical aid

Allies: Medical Aid is on the way

Player must throw a green smoke grenade to mark the location of an air drop package containing a medical package to heal a players shields or wounds. The package can kill players if it lands on them. Can be taken by anybody. It takes longer for anybody but the user to obtain the package, leaving them vulnerable.
3 Sentry Gun

Enemies: Incoming Sentry gun!

Allies: Sentry gun is on the way

Player must throw a blue smoke grenade to mark the location of an air drop package containing an M5 Minigun configured as an automatic sentry gun. The same rules for the care package apply. A single slash from a knife will disarm it. Has a time limit.
3 Counter UAV

Enemies: Our UAV is offline

Allies: Counter UAV is activated

Deploys a UAV that disables the enemy's radar and renders hostile UAVs useless. Can be shot down or hit with a Plasma Predator Missile.
4 Plasma Predator Missile

Enemies: Enemy Predator is online

Allies: Your predator missile is on standby

Background: deploying at 2, 1, 5, 0, 8, 7, Niner

Fires a single controllable AGM Hellfire from a Plasma Predator Drone that results in a deadly impact kill. The user is vulnerable while using/controlling the missile.
5 Communication Network Disabled

Enemies: Our Communications Network is disabled

Allies: Enemy's Communications Network is offline

Using satellite, enemies voice headset will be muted for 30 seconds.
6 Precision Airstrike

Enemies: Incoming Airstrike...take cover!

Allies: Airstrike incoming

Initiates an airstrike on a targeted area much like the Airstrike in Call of Duty 4. The user can control the direction from which the airstrike comes.
6 B1 Lancer

Enemies: B1 Lancer is on the way!

Allies: B1 Lancer is on standby

Deploys a small airstrike followed by a B1 Lancer that will fly over the designated area throught the map and bombard enemies. Can be destroyed. Will disperse rockets and destroy Pave Lows and other Helicopters or Planes that are lower than the B1 Lancer.
7 Troop Drop Zone

Enemies: Troops incoming!

Allies: We have reinforcements!

Deploys up to 10 troops (depending on your species and armor your wearing) to engage the enemy. Difficulty is Legendary and they are tactical. When the player calls in for troops, they troops will look exactly like the player that called them in. Not available for system link, or Xbox Live.
7 Attack Helicopter

Enemies: Enemy attack helicopter is on the way!

Allies: Attack helicopter is ready for engagement

Deploys a Hind or Cobra helicopter armed with a single 25mm gun that flies around the map and attacks enemy players. Can be destroyed. Non-Pilotable.
8 Emergency Dropship

Enemies: Enemy Emergency drop is on the way

Allies: Emergency drop is ready for deployment

Deploys a C-17 Globemaster III that drops four Care Packages. Can be stolen, but C-17 Globemaster III cannot be destroyed. It is interesting to note that the emergency airdrop will not work in an EMP.
9 Pave Low

Enemies: Pave low is on the way!

Allies: Our pave low is ready for deployment!

Deploys a Sikorsky MH-53 Pave Low armed with four 25mm guns. The Pave Low is essentially a better version of the Attack Helicopter. Can be destroyed.
9 Heavy Assault Tank (2X Overshields)

Enemies: Incoming...Heavy Assault Tanks...take them out!

Allies: Our Assault tanks are moving out!

Deploys a M2900 Abrams Assault Tank equipped with 2X overshields, Cannot be driven. Can be destroyed.
10 Stealth Bomber

Enemies: Infrared has detected an incoming stealth bomber!

Allies: Stealth Bomber taking off

Deploys a B2 Spirit that is invisible to the enemy's radar. The bomber carpet bombs a specific line, designated by the player.
11 Chopper Gunner

Enemies: Enemy Chopper gunner! Get down! Get down!

Allies: Chopper gunner is taking off, engage all enemy hostiles

Deploys a AH-64 Apache or Mi-28 Havoc attack helicopter with the player firing from a turret as a turret gunner. The player CAN BE KILLED on the ground, but, can still finish out the session in the chopper. This killstreak can be destroyed by means of rocket launchers, guns, or with a predator missile.
12 AC-130

Enemies: Enemy AC-130! Get down! Get down!

Allies: AC-130 has been launched.

Pilot: Engage all enemy hostiles, light them up

Locking onto vehicles: You are clear to engage the vehicle

Deploys an AC-130 controlled by the player on the ground. The user is vulnerable while using the gunship. Can be destroyed by a launcher or at least 2 predator missiles. It has 4 flares meaning at least 5 rockets must be shot. Player gets the options to use the minigun, 40mm/25mm cannons, or the 105mm cannon.
13 EMP

Enemies: EMP! Take Cover!

Allies: EMP is activated!

Deploys an electromagnetic pulse that destroys enemy killstreaks and disables enemies' HUDs, Radar, and other electronic Attachments or Equipment that enemies may use, along with, Throwing Knives.
14 Scarab Assault

Enemies: Enemy Scarab! Take it down with minimum health loss!

Allies: Our Scarab is ready for assault!

Deploys a Scarab to destroy the enemy. It is invulnerable to the plasma predator missile, Pelican or Phantom gunner, Stealth bombers, and other explosion equipment. The only way to take it down is by weakening the legs, going in, and destroying the central core.
15 Plasma Bombardment

Enemies: Carrier Incoming!!!!!

Allies: Our Carrier is ready for bombardment. Orders sir!

You: "Take them out."

Deploys a assault carrier, and glasses the map resulting in a game over.
16 Nuclear Missle

Enemies: Aww! Shit!, We're screwed!...

Allies: Now they know not to mess with the best!

Nuclear Missile can be seen coming from the sky, and the explodes on impact....ending the entire game, and after, players return to the game lobby!

Call Signs/Emblems Edit

Emblems in Multiplayer (Some are color custumizable after unlocking)
Fire Emblem


Stealth Bomber Emblem Atheist Emblem Call of Duty 4 Emblem
Water Emblem


Jet Emblem Swastika Modern Warfare 2 Emblem
Earth Emblem


Plane Emblem Christain Cross Spetnaz Emblem
Wind Emblem

SOST Emblem

AC-130 Emblem Jewish Star Task Force Emblem
Globe Emblem


F-22 Emblem Red Star U.S. Army Rangers Emblem
Dynamite Emblem

Master Chief

F-14 Emblem Communist Symbol U.S. National Guard Emblem
Caution Emblem


Pretator Missile Seal of Japan The Navy Seals Emblem
Biological Hazard Emblem


Reaper plane Emblem Lion US Marines Emblem


Rocket Combat Knife Russian Riot Control Emblem


Satillite Statue of Libery FSB International Troops Emblem
ABC Ankh

Lotus Carrying Namam

Nine Pointed Star Knights Cross Emblem
Fish Pentagram Ying Yang

Sun Wheel

Name of Allah Menorah Hands of God


Solar Cross Wheel of Dharma

Multiplayer Edit

Keros also features local split-screen on a single console, similarly to previous installments of Keros. Up to four players can play on a single console. Local split-screen features all of the same game modes and custom settings as online private matches, and for the first time allows players to unlock things and customize their classes just like in the online modes on their own seperate screen without taking up to much time for the other players. One of the offline multiplayer settings enables players to play with everything that they have unlocked online, but playing offline will not earn them XP for their online account, nor will anything they do offline affect any of their online leaderboard stats. Keros does not allow the killstreak (Troop Drop Zone) for system link or Xbox live because the map would be packed with players.