Game InfoEdit


You as a US Riot Control Officer

Classification: Assault and Elimination

Level: Homeland Security

Date/Time: Enter Date Here, 3:00:07 pm and counting

Place: Washington D.C.

Characters: United States Riot Control

Players: 1 to 4 players online or locally



leader shooting at you


Enemies stance at begging of level

  • Objective
    • Take out Vladimir Gorbachov, Viktor Ivanov, Kiril Morozov, and Lev Novikov
  • Characters
    • U.S. Riot Control
    • Ultranationalist Party
    • Ultranationalist Party leaders
  • Weather: Sunny and clear
  • Vehicals: Riot Control vans
  • Achievements
    • "Homeland Security could kill us all!" (Shoot all enemies in the head!)
  • Skulls: None


  • Hard - Enemy has hard to take down
  • Veteran - Enemy is almost impossible to take down

Opening SceneEdit

  • Cinematic Scene

You see Vladimir Gorbachov, Viktor Ivanov, Kiril Morozov, and Lev Novikov get out of the cars. While they point their guns some people turn around and gasp. They fire and then people start screaming and running away. You are seen arriving in a Riot Control van. The scene ends.



Riot Control van that you and other squads arrive in

NOTE: You cant aim down your sight while holding a riot shield!

You are in the vehical in the back, with your squad. Game Info starts. On the radio the driver says, "Get ready, and equip you Riot shields and weapons!" You and your squad then get out of the van and some squad members say, "GO GO GO!" and you see other squads getting out of the vans to the left and right. You then have to assault some Russian Ultranationalists in the parking lots to get to the leaders. After you do this you see some civilians running and screaming. Then the leaders come in their stance see picture and say, "Riot Control!...Take them out, now!" and they start shooting at you. They are equipped with grenade launchers and the shoot some squads to the left and right of you. They then heavily fire on your squad. Some squad members say, "Aaah!" and "Aaww, shit!". In this part, you MUST have your Riot shield out, or your instantly dead. They also fire grenades at you, so you MUST dodge them as well! While you have your riot shield out, you are also holding a M9 to your left. You can fire at the ememies, but if fired upon, you'll take damage. You can also pick up other pistols and light small machine guns nearby. If you shoot a civilian or die, then its Mission Failed! If you manage to kill the leaders, then its Mission Complete!


  • Driver: ""Get ready, and equip you Riot shields and weapons!" (after game info)
  • Soldier 1 and/or 2 varies: "GO GO GO!" (while your coming out of van)
  • Leader of Ultranationalist leaders: "Riot Control!...Take them out, now!" (After you see civilians running and screaming towards you)
  • Soldier 3: "Aaah!" (While you are being shot at)
  • Soldier 4: "Aaww, shit!" (After Soldier 3's dialog)