Game InfoEdit

Classification: Stealth

Level: Hidden

Date/Time: Enter Date Here, 10:01:33 pm and counting

Place: Moscow, Russia, outside of kremlin

Character: ODST Soldier

Division: ODST Squad

Players: 1 to 4 players online or locally



Russian forces, after they have spotted you!

  • Objective
    • Get to the hotel on Mokhovaya Street, without getting spotted
  • Characters
    • ODST Soldier
    • ODST Squad
    • Russian Ultranationalists
  • Weather: Clear
  • Vehicals: None
  • Achievements:
    • "Ghost" (Complete the level on Legendary without getting spotted)
  • Skulls: None


  • Easy - Enemies sense you from a couple feet
  • Medium - Enemies sense you from a few feet
  • Hard - Enemies moderately sense you
  • Legendary - Enemies sense major movement

Opening SceneEdit

  • Cinematic Scene

You and your team are seen quietly coming out of the kremlin. They hear Russian trucks and jeeps coming. A ODST Soldier says that they need to get to a safe house. Then they move out and go into prone position just outside the kremlin wall. You then see Russian jeeps and trucks headed towards them. The scene ends.


After surviving the attack, you and your squad are down in prone position on the very edge of the road. Game Info starts. You are equipped with your Assault Rifle (silenced) and a Pistol (silenced). One soldier whispers to get down, and stay hidden. Russian Ultranationalist forces drive the convoy really slow with jeeps, troop transport trucks, and troops on the sides, left and right. You can not move, or melee. If you do, they will notice, start shouting and shoot you instantly. Then it's Mission Failed. If you dont get spotted the gameplay continues. This will last for a few minutes. After, there are guards around the city. You can take them out if they dont notice you, or if they are turned around. You must make your way from the Kremlin Red Square, all the way to Mokhovaya Street, Москва, Russia, there is a hotel on the street. Once you get to the hotel, its Mission Complete.


  • Soldier 1: Whispers: "We need to get to a safehouse." (opening scene)
  • You: Whisper: "Come on then, lets go." (Opening scene)
  • Team moves out, just outside near kremlin wall
  • Russian jeeps and trucks are seen coming
  • Soldier 1: Whispers "pssst, get down, and stay hidden" (during gameplay, getting into prone position)


  • Once the last guy is passing you can sneak up on him, and you will stab him in the chest with a knife while covering his mouth with your hand.