Keros Dark Juggernaut Concept Art

Dark Juggernaut Concept Art

"Its only weakness is if you can destroy its generator by either smashing it or stabbing an energy sword into it!!" -- Sangheli Marine

The Dark Juggernaut which is black, has glowing red eyes, can generate electrical radiation as a weapon, and has greatly enhanced strength and size, is the main protector of the Ultrantionalist Party personnel. It is extremely powerful and is resistant to almost anything except for when a planent is glassed. It is equipped a flamethrower, a minigun that shoots up to 10,000 rounds per minute, ballistic missiles, and anti-aircraft rockets. It will kill any enemy that it sees in sight.

Physical Appearance Edit

  • Eyes: Glowing Red
  • Generator: Glowing Red
  • Height: 13ft, 6in
  • Weight: 11,000 Pounds

Equipment Edit

  • Heavy Metal Shield of an Unknown Alloy
  • Minigun
  • Flamethrower
  • Ballistic Missiles
  • Anti-Aircraft Rockets
  • Electrical Radiation