Game InfoEdit

Classification: Assault & Rescue

Level: An unwelcomed guest

Date/Time: Enter Date here, 7:21:57 am and counting

Place: Mokhovaya Street, near the hotel

Character: ODST Soldier

Division: ODST Squad

Players: 1 to 4 players online or locally



the hotel (far right)

  • Objective
    • Rescue the hostage
  • Characters
    • ODST Soldier
    • ODST Squad
    • Russian Ultranationalists
  • Weather: Clear
  • Vehicals: None
  • Achievements:
    • "A helping hand" (Secure the hostage without dieing)
  • Skulls: None


  • Easy - Get through 10 enemies on each floor
  • Medium - Get through 15 enemies on each floor
  • Hard - Get through 20 enemies on each floor
  • Legendary - Get through 25 enemies on each floor

Opening SceneEdit

  • Cinematic Scene

You are seen with your team just arriving at the hotel. You hear a scream and a russian helicopter is seen coming down on the rooftop. You then enter into the hotel. The scene ends.


You start out in the hotel. The Game Info starts. A soldier says, "wow, this place is awsome, and big." and you say, "yeah, whatever, we better check on what that scream was." Then, suddenly, the wall across from you blows up and the player falls on the ground, facing the ceiling. A Russian soldier comes up and says, "We've had it with your pointless actions. taking out a knife this ends now." As the Russian stabs the player, you MUST "press the X buttion 20 - 25 times fast". This will have the player push the knife, slowly, turn it slowly, and then flip over, and start pushing the knife towards the russian. If you stop pressing X, you will get stabbed and its Mission Failed. If not the player stabs the russian soldier and gets back up, seeing his team at near the explosion hole. You go through the hole and enter up a stair case, clearing out 4 levels. Then you proceed up to the 5th level (top floor), clearing out the enemies. A soldier kicks down a door to your left, and once you enter, you cant do nothing at this point. Just watch. The Russian Commander is seen pointing a gun to the head of the hostage. He says, "You've interfered with me for the last time! Now you will have this guys death on your conscience!" Then everything is in slo-mo, and you pull out your pistol. You have only 2 seconds to kill the Commander in the head or he will kill the hostage. If you shoot anywhere else, its Mission Failed. If you shoot him in the head, its Mission Complete.